YouTube Inspired Activities That Have Brought Me Joy

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Being at home all the time and working from home means I watch a lot more YouTube than normal. I don’t have to worry about disturbing my co-workers with whatever I’m watching or listening to (which I love!). Although I have a lot of favorite channels and series that I watch consistently, I also love the channels that get me active and motivated to learn and do something new.

Finding something that brings you joy when there are so many outside circumstances out of our control is so important! I hope the following videos can inspire you to learn or try something new.

Pilates Work Outs with Blogilates

I started following Blogilates videos shortly after I joined the Army in 2012 and I was intimidated to start going the gym on post by myself (talk about “bro”-central!), and liked incorporating these work outs on my own time. I continued doing her videos and workouts off and on throughout the years, and recently started following her work out calendars again more closely.

It’s been so nice to feel like you’re working out with a friend, and her workouts are no joke! Sure, they look like graceful movements, but don’t be fooled, you will feel the burn if you’re doing them correctly!

Also, as tough as they are, starting my day with a workout helps me make much better decisions all throughout the day as I’m not as lethargic and un-motivated compared to when I sleep in and watch Instagram stories from bed.

Vocal Warm Ups with Cheryl Porter

I’ve always loved to sing, and I grew up singing in choirs with more of a focus on classical singing. Fun fact, I was in an opera production of Carmen as a kid with the Des Moines Metro Opera! I’ve also developed a love for Broadway musicals (I can’t wait until theater is back!) and I wanted to get better at my theater and pop singing for fun because that truly brings me a lot of joy.

This Cheryl Porter vocal warm up is the most fun and unique one I’ve found and continue to do daily. Something about starting my day singing along with this while I get ready for the day makes me a lot happier because of her infectious attitude!

Also, it definitely took me a couple tries to follow along perfectly with this warm up. It’s very catchy but a little tricky! It’s nice to do warm ups that aren’t just the basic up and down scale too.

Revamping Your Budget with One Big Happy Life

As an accountant by day, I am obsessed with the personal finance world and follow quite a few personal finance YouTubers. A personal favorite of mine is Tasha and Joseph from One Big Happy Life. Tasha is also such an inspiration because she is a Marine veteran, worked her way through Yale Law school to provide as a young single mom, and was a banking and finance attorney before recently switching to her YouTube and online business full-time.

I also appreciate their refreshing approach to finance compared to a lot of the more popular finance personalities. They recognize that it’s not “bad” to have debt, it’s a way and means to finance something to potentially make your life better in the future, as long as your able to make the payments or your interest rate is manageable. They also emphasize that you should actually run the numbers for your unique situations, and plan your finances in order to live the life you want.

They make me motivated to revamp my goals, budgets, and better prepare for my future. Something we all should be assessing and asking yourself throughout our lives.

Cleaning Tips from Clean My Space

Something about being home constantly really makes you want to keep your house clean and tidy. It’s a little easier to ignore those dishes starting to pile up when you have to leave for a full work day, while now I see those pile of dishes 10+ times during the work day and I just want them gone!!

Clean My Space is hosted by Melissa Maker and she owns her own cleaning business, so she truly knows her stuff! She has the best cleaning methods and tips for literally every space in your home, as well as the best DIY cleaners. I can’t believe how much money I save just by using her DIY all-purpose cleaner that consists of water, a teaspoon of dish soap, and 7-10 drops of orange or lemon essential oil in my spray bottle for all my general cleaning.

Every video makes me want to go clean something, which is really saying something coming from just a video!

Let me know which videos you watched and enjoyed, or if you have different YouTubers that inspire you!

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    1. That’s amazing! When writing this I couldn’t decide between One Big Happy Life, The Money Guy Show and Our Rich Life to talk about, but I like more of the balanced content that One Big Happy Life has.

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