How to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

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Iowa is really providing us with beautiful fall temperatures so far and I hope it stays like this for a while (let’s just ignore that it might’ve snowed this morning)! Now that I am working from home indefinitely, I’ve had such an urge to keep the house clean, smelling nice and feeling cozy.

As much as I love candles, which I will share my favorite, I find them to not always be my go-to anymore. Mainly because I have to find ways to re-use or recycle the glass container which feels wasteful, and they can honestly can get so pricey. This year I decided to find some cheaper alternatives to making our house smell like fall, which mostly involves the use of fragrance and essential oils!

I know essential oils can sometimes get a bad rap. Which I can understand if your first introduction to them is about how they are this heal-all magic potion for all your troubles, so don’t worry, that is not me.

Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils?

In this case I’m actually using fragrance oils, which is why it can be cheaper than essential oils and last longer in their scent. In my opinion, think they are a great versatile tool in making your home smell clean and fresh in a natural way, they can be found at reasonable prices, don’t create a lot of waste or take up a bunch of room in your house.

Basically everything I’ve been using to make our home smell like fall is this P&J Trading Spice Set. My personal favorite of the bunch is the Harvest Spice oil, I think it’s the most well-rounded smell that’s not too strong in any one scent. This brand has a ton of other fun essential oil sets that are all under $17 like this one, so I might test out the winter or holiday set later this year!

Harvest Spice All-Purpose Cleaner

I reused one of the Meyer’s Clean spray bottles to make my favorite DIY All-Purpose Cleaner. Normally I use orange or lemon essential oil for this, since I love citrus smells for home cleaning, but with fall I changed it up with the Harvest Spice fragrance oil! I use this spray constantly for cleaning around the house and is so much cheaper, just as effective for general cleaning, and you can control how strong the scent is.

How to make the DIY Cleaner:

  • 1-2 pumps of dish soap
  • 2 cups of water (fill up the bottle)
  • 8-10 drops of essential oils

Fall-Scented Fabric/Clothing Spray

Fall is amazing for being able to open windows and air out the home on the weekends and turn off the heat and AC, but as it gets chilly or people have more bonfires, I have to get creative with freshening up our fabrics and clothes. Obviously general decluttering, cleaning, dusting and vacumming will help with the majority of the smell in your home, but fabrics and clothing can be tougher to refresh.

This fabric spray is great to freshen up between washes of your comforter, curtains, rugs, couches, throw pillows, blankets, our fabric laundry hampers, and more! It’s also great for any clothing like sweaters that you might re-wear more than once before a wash, and just needs a light refreshing.

The alcohol in this recipe is what will kill the bacteria and odors from fabrics, and is much cheaper and less scent-intense than frebreeze or similar sprays.

How to make DIY Fabric/Clothing Spray:

  • 1/2 Container of Rubbing Alcohol (I only have 50% at the time, but whatever you have on hand)
  • 1/2 Container of Water
  • 5-10 drops of essential oils (Coffee Cake and Apple Cider were my picks!)

Gingerbread Infused Dryer Ball

I have been a convert of the laundry dryer balls as a replacement for dryer sheets for a long time now. As you can tell, mine have been well-loved and has some minor pilling. Normally I stick with a lavender essential oil as I love the fresh clean smell, but for the fall I’ve switched to a couple drops of gingerbread fragrance oil.

I recommend letting the oils you put in your dryer ball take a minute or two to set in before throwing it in the dryer. This will help avoid any oil spot transfer on to your clothes. I usually put the oils on the dryer ball, then move the laundry over to the dryer and that’s usually enough time.

Fall Scent Refresh for Sink/Disposal Drains

It’s amazing how much scent a sink can hold, even though we consistently have a food catcher on and have cleaned out the rest of the sink entirely, it can still smell nasty. What I normally do is sprinkle some baking soda down the sink, then pour anywhere from 5-10 drops of any fragrance oil of choice.

If I’m only doing the drains, I’ll let the combo sit for a little bit to deodorize. Otherwise I usually tag this along with my regular sink cleaning routine with baking soda and my all-purpose cleaner. Then I will let some hot water run down the drain, run my garbage disposal for about 30 seconds until it’s all clear and then have a fresh fall scent!

Fall Scented Oil Diffuser

Now this is an easy one, which is why I put it towards the bottom of this list. I love my oil diffuser for making the house smell like fall as an alternative to candles! Mine is the young living brand, but you certainly don’t need to get this exact one. There are plenty of cheap alternatives on the market nowadays to fit any decor.

You’ll fill up the inside portion with water, then add 7-10 drops of your favorite essential or fragrance oil. In this case, I love diffusing the pumpkin pie fragrance oil.

Pet Considerations

If you do have pets (my dog Zora), I would recommend not diffusing for long amounts of time with them in the same small room, or lessen the amount of drops you use. They can be a irritant to pets, so be aware of how they act with the diffuser on. I keep mine on while I work if Zora is in the other room, and turn off if she decides to join me.

Pumpkin Pecan WoodWick Candle

Although it may appear I’ve completely turned away from candles, that is certainly not the case! I have a soft spot for local candle makers (will share more in the future), and also specifically love woodwick candles. They provide both the amazing scent and cozy ambience with the crackling woodwick as it burns. This Pumpkin Pecan scent has been my personal favorite for the season!

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