Poshmark Thrift Picks – October 2020

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Before the shut down, I was an avid thrift shopper! I loved to thrift for a variety of reasons – staying frugal, finding unique pieces, not having to contribute to fast fashion, lessening my environmental impact, and I love not being bothered by regular store employees while I try on as much as I want.

During the last couple months I have discovered a passion for Poshmark! If you haven’t heard of Poshmark, it’s essentially a large online thrift store. They do offer some “boutique” clothing that’s brand new to sellers, but I usually filter that out of my searches since that’s not why I’m here. It focuses more on clothing with some home decor and beauty products in there as well.

Are the prices as good as thrift stores?

Honestly, it isn’t. You have to consider that the seller is taking the time to source, organize and take pictures of these items in order to make a some sort of profit. But it’s such a great way to find timeless pieces at a discount, that you wouldn’t normally have access to, and you’re helping an individual seller make money instead of a big corporation. Definitely worth it for me!

Also, the shipping of $7.11 and tax can sneak up on you if you’re not remembering that it will be apart of the final price and is not included in the price of the item itself.

How does it work?

There’s both the Poshmark website and the Poshmark App, which I’ve loved using both and enjoy them. My only complaint is that you get a ton of notifications in general, so I updated the amount of those in my settings.

You can search and filter through any brand, clothing piece, and size you need in order to pick the perfect find! You can then “Like” items you are interested in, follow different sellers if you like their style or offerings.

If you “Like” items, then that let’s the seller know, and you may be offered a private discount or bundle deal from them! You can also make offers to the seller on the items you like. Most sellers are very willing to haggle the price for you (as long as it’s within reason), especially on bundles (more than one item from their shop).

It’s also a great place to sell your clothes that you no longer wear. It can be tough if you’re only selling a handful of items to get as much traction for people to buy them, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to have it up there until the right buyer comes along!

I always love looking at others thrift store finds and sharing my own. I’m no fashion expert, but I think the theme for 2020 is being as comfortable, cozy and warm as I can be as I continue to work from home.

Thrift Pick #1 – Forever 21 Sherpa Jacket

Poshmark Price: $25

My first find was this white Forever 21 Sherpa Hooded Jacket and I am truly in love with and cannot stop wearing! This is the perfect jacket for throwing on when I need to walk Zora (my dog Zora) on chilly days until I actually need to put on my full winter coat. I also enjoy the longer length of the jacket, and the pockets as well.

I’m impressed with how thick and cozy this jacket is as well, and can double up as a blanket when I’m working or relaxing on the couch. It also makes for a great background for taking pictures of items, which you can see in my How to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall post.

I bought this piece for $25, which I will consider a reasonable price for how thick and nice this jacket is. Even looking at some of the Amazon look-a-likes, it gets tough to get this at a much cheaper price.

Thrift Pick #2 – UGG Sherpa Boots

Poshmark Price: $40

My next find were these UGG Sherpa Lined Boots. Yes, there is sherpa in the inside and outside so these are amazingly warm! I’m not sure if UGG boots are necessarily as popular as they used to be, but I personally still love the unique sherpa design on the outside, and more importantly love how cozy they are.

I bought these boots for $40, which compared to original UGG prices on their website is a good deal!

Thrift Pick #3 – Roots Sweatpants

Poshmark Price: $60 for both!

Since I’m still working from home indefinitely, I needed to stop wearing pajama pants all day, it was starting to make me feel unproductive and lazy, but I really didn’t have anything else quite as comfortable to wear. I’ve heard about the Roots brand, but I was lucky enough to find a seller who was selling her two pairs of them that both fit me for a great deal!

One pair of sweatpants alone on their site can be upwards for $70+, so being able to buy two of them under the price of one is such a win for me!

Roots is a Canadian brand, so it’s pretty obvious that they know how to make a good winter pair of sweatpants/joggers, and these are no joke! These are quite possibly the comfiest and warmest sweatpants I own, and they still make me look like a put together person when I need to walk the dog or grab the mail.

They also have a comfy mid-rise elastic waist band with shoe-lace type of ties, and the same type of elastic cuffing at the bottom.

And how cute is that velvet pocket logo?

I was lucky enough to get both pairs with the petite/small length, and the gray was more of a slit fit while the red has more of a “boyfriend” relaxed fit, but still a cuff at the bottom. My neighbors will definitely see me living in these pants the rest of the year!

I hope to continue this series of my Poshmark Thrift Picks, and will sprinkle in my best tips for finding great deals! Once I feel more comfortable going back to thrift stores I may attempt to sell more items on my store front, but until then, I’ll continue to share my favorite finds!

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