Celebrating An At-Home Wedding Anniversary

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It’s hard to believe we just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! We typically took the opportunity to dress up and have dinner at a nice restaurant in Des Moines, but that just wasn’t going to happen this year.

Previous Anniversaries

Our first anniversary we went to Centro (pronounced chen-tro), in Des Moines, famous for their Italian-inspired foods and in the heart of down town.

That first year we also got to our reservation early, had some drinks and stopped by Up-Down Arcade to play some classic arcade games. This ended up being a lot of fun since it was early enough that the real party crowd wasn’t there yet, so we basically had the place to ourselves for that short amount of time.

Years after that we started going to Harbinger in Des Moines, more on the east side off of Ingersoll. And if you know me, you would know that I cannot shut up about this place and will recommend it to anyone.

The owner is an Iowa native, and all food is vegetable focused small plates with inspiration from SE Asia. We get so excited about going here, that we are so bummed that we couldn’t make this happen this year.

Ceremony at The Infantry Chapel on Ft Benning – Reception at Columbus Trade & Convention Center – Photo by: Wynning Photography

At-Home Anniversary Dinner – Sisters in Cheese

This year we were looking for ways to make the dinner portion special, and my husband kept dropping hints about my gift (which ended up being a charcuterie/serving board!).

This gave me the idea to finally order from Sisters in Cheese, a Madrid based catering company that specializes in grazing boards. I’ve been drooling over their posts for a long time now and decided this would be the perfect time to try them out!

They offer a variety of ingredients, themes and sized boxes for any occasion! This year they have been doing grazing box pick ups, and offer different pick up locations each week. This makes it even more convenient for those not as close to Madrid.

Currently it looks to be the easiest to follow their Facebook page – Sisters in Cheese for up to date links to their ordering forms and locations. Simply fill out their form for your desired pick up location and time with the type of boxes they have available, and that’s it!

Picking up our Essential Grazing Box at The Cornucopia in Ames, Iowa.

We picked up our Essential Grazing Box at The Cornucopia in Ames. I have never been to The Cornucopia, but my brief moment inside to grab my order made me realized I need to come back here for a coffee and tour the place after it’s safer to do so!

Cardboard box filled with fresh vegetables, cheeses, bread, berries, and dips
Essential Grazing Box from Sisters in Cheese

These boxes are perfectly packaged and have amazingly high quality ingredients. I love that the crackers are in a separate zip-lock back to prevent them from drying out or getting soggy, and all the dips it includes (I think ours was hummus and some sort of homemade pimento cheese dip, yum!!)

Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Wood

What made this dinner even more fun was that my husband made me charcuterie/serving board from walnut! Since it’s our fifth wedding anniversary, it is the year that the gift is “supposed” to be wood.

Wooden charcuterie or serving board made out of walnut

This will be such a fun serving piece whenever we can have company over again, and until then, perfect for when we have charcuterie and grazing dinners of our own.

My super creative wrapping of my husband’s anniversary present haha!

My wood themed gift for my husband was this handmade (not by me, from this etsy shop) watch display box, along with a new green/emerald Orient watch.

I spent a lot of time researching Youtube videos and reddit pages about watches and particularly this watch, and it was a big hit!

In particular I recommend the Teddy Baldassarre Youtube Channel, he provides a lot of good insight on all types of watches and prices from beginner to luxury. I did not realize how in-depth the watch world is, but I felt really great about my pick afterwards!

I think my husband is pretty excited to have a place to display his watches compared to just sitting in his bed side table. And he’s been fixing up his other watches this week that needed batteries or cleaning, so I think he’s excited to get back into his watch collection again.

Our wood-theme anniversary gifts!

Later that day, after it decided to give us the most beautiful Iowa snow fall, and a few tasty mimosas later, we decided to dive into our grazing box.

Beautiful view on our neighborhood walk after fresh snowfall!

I tried my best to lay everything out from the box onto the board as beautifully as it was in the box, and I feel like I did a half-way decent job! There’s a nice symmetry and variety going on so it’s easy to grab what you want.

Sisters in Cheese – Essential Grazing Box

Now we when make our own boards, we want to start adding more fresh vegetables and dips like we got in this one. It makes it feel less heavy than a traditional meat & cheese board, but still very filling!

We ended up watching the new Borat movie, which provided some laughs and some concerned faces along the way lol!

We ended up eating this for two dinners and I picked at the remaining leftovers during work as a snack.

We ended the evening with playing video games together, and even played some GTA online with my brother-in-law and my sister, who we miss a lot! We typically spend a lot of weekends together playing video games, it’s something that brings us together and is a lot of fun.

Hopefully by next year we can be back eating in our favorite restaurants and trying new ones along the way!

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