Santa’s Rock N Lights – Urbandale, Iowa

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Santa’s Rock N Lights drive-through holiday light display is a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit and do so from the comfort of your car! I’ve driven through the Jolly Holiday Lights in the past, another Iowa drive-through light display and was excited to visit this one this year.

I honestly didn’t even know about this light display until I did the research for my related blog post, Low-Risk Iowa Activities to Enjoy the Holidays and really wanted to check it out!

First Stop – Hot Chocolate

We decided it would be fun to do a quick hot chocolate run at Casey’s before we got there. I got the gingerbread mocha, which I think was actually a cappuccino, and my husband got the peppermint hot chocolate. Both super tasty and a fun way to get prepped for the drive!

Obviously I could’ve brought some from home, but we actually decided to get the tickets pretty last minute and realized there were specific time slots we had to meet to get there on time!

Holding a Casey's hot chocolate


We went on a Sunday night and our allotted time was 7:00. You have to order your tickets in advanced for a specific time, and arrive within the 30 minutes of that time.

Below is additional information on operating hours and pricing from their website:

I don’t think they were overly worried about our specific time when we went since it was so busy, but you definitely need your ticket before you arrive!


From the direction we originally tried to get in Living History Farms, it was suuuper backed up and kept getting stuck on the traffic lights.

We tried to wait it out a bit, but it started to get sketchy with cars getting stuck in the intersection, so we left that area and drove in from the other direction which worked out fine.

Otherwise the drive during the actual light display it was pretty full, but it moved along nicely the entire time. Enough time to take some pictures and look around, but not too long. Probably took us about 30-40 minutes total.

Music and Lights

Once you drive in, you are told to turn your radio to the specific station (90.7 FM) that pairs with the lights. The lights will flash and move in sync with the songs.

The music is made up of snippets of all your favorite Christmas songs, I don’t normally listen to a lot of Christmas music on my own since I never drive to work anymore, so it was fun to hear a bit of everything.

Light Tunnels

The light tunnels were some of my favorite parts of the drive, but my other favorite were the light-up rainbow peacocks. I love that there are some unique lights like the peacocks and dinosaurs!

I created a short video of some of the light tunnels and flashing displays while we were there you can check out below.

There are a couple of light tunnels throughout and they all pair with music, and you feel totally immersed when you drive through them! If you or anyone you’re with is sensitive to flashing lights, I would take into consideration that the light tunnels can be very flashy.

Overall I found this light display to be a lot of fun, pretty impressive, and easy to experience from the comfort of your car. The tickets can get a little pricey depending on the day you go, but luckily it’s only priced per car and not per person which I know can add up for families.

I would recommend checking this out if this is something that interests you!

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