Celebrating An At-Home Wedding Anniversary

It’s hard to believe we just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! We typically took the opportunity to dress up and have dinner at a nice restaurant in Des Moines, but that just wasn’t going to happen this year. Previous Anniversaries Our first anniversary we went to Centro (pronounced chen-tro), in Des Moines, famous for their […]

How to Take Care of A Live Christmas Tree

Curious how to take care of a live Christmas tree and if it’s worth the hassle? As someone who grew up with fake Christmas trees and has been converted to having real ones, I say yes, it’s definitely worth getting a real tree and is much easier than you may expect! Going to a local […]

Poshmark Thrift Picks – October 2020

Before the shut down, I was an avid thrift shopper! I loved to thrift for a variety of reasons – staying frugal, finding unique pieces, not having to contribute to fast fashion, lessening my environmental impact, and I love not being bothered by regular store employees while I try on as much as I want. […]

How to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Iowa is really providing us with beautiful fall temperatures so far and I hope it stays like this for a while (let’s just ignore that it might’ve snowed this morning)! Now that I am working from home indefinitely, I’ve had such an urge to keep the house clean, smelling nice and feeling cozy. As much […]

YouTube Inspired Activities That Have Brought Me Joy

Being at home all the time and working from home means I watch a lot more YouTube than normal. I don’t have to worry about disturbing my co-workers with whatever I’m watching or listening to (which I love!). Although I have a lot of favorite channels and series that I watch consistently, I also love […]